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General Policies and Rules

BoonLady' arrangements and rules are the regular rules that make a sheltered, trusted and reasonable exchanging climate for all BoonLady' individuals. To advance a sheltered and confided in exchanging climate, implements these polices and rules. 

Client understanding - . This is the most significant strategy and rule report. All individuals are answerable for looking into and getting BoonLady' arrangements and the all appropriate laws and guidelines contained in this legitimate understanding. 

Rules for Everyone - . General arrangements applies applying to all the individuals including, BoonLady' representatives. This part incorporates decides that ensure your security and your personality. Study issues like the utilization of foulness, spontaneous email (spam) and so forth. 

Precluded and Restricted Items - . There are numerous things that are confined to be sold sell online at, including however not restricted to such as alcohol, grown-up content/material, prohibited things, for example, ivory and so forth. Discover in our extensive rundown of prohibited and confined things. 

Watchword Spamming Policy - This arrangement is intended to confine traders not to mishandle brand names as catchphrases in item postings transferred on the to drive consideration from the purchasers.

Shippers are not qualified to be an aspect of the BoonLady' subsidiary program. Any immediate or backhanded relationship with an associate will be an infringement of strategy and will prompt lasting suspension of the vendor's record. 

Rules about Intellectual Property - . has zero capacity to bear any licensed innovation infringement. If you don't mind advise us on the off chance that any infringement has happened on BoonLady.comwith our insight and we shallwill make fitting move when such infringement are brought to our notification. 

BoonLady' rules and arrangements are intended to: 

Limit dangers to the two purchasers and merchants 

Backing government laws and guidelines 

Give equivalent chance to all purchasers and merchant 

Ensure protected innovation rights 

Give an agreeable purchasing experience 

Backing the estimations of the Community 

Kindly study BoonLady' approaches that will assist you with abstaining from disrupting guidelines (counting the law) and encourages you in exchanging with solid, reliable purchasers and venders. 

Infringement of strategy may bring about a scope of activities including: 

Posting crossing out ,Store suspension ,Cutoff points on account benefits ,Record suspension ,Loss of Top Rated Merchant status

Burden of Penalty sum is chosen at the sole caution of BoonLady. This punishment sum is a/Compensation for any default made by the trader. Note: You may contact to report infringement by utilizing the "Report" or "Get in touch with Us" joins found on strategy pages.

As a rule, when posting things on BoonLady , shippers can incorporate connections that are exclusively proposed to give extra insights concerning the things. That implies connections should possibly be utilized in conditions when that data can't be remembered for the posting itself. These connections incorporate extra pictures, specialized particulars, maker guarantees, and other data that can assist purchasers with settling on an educated buying choice. Different connections that highlight an outsider supplier's Website are likewise permitted, for example, picture facilitating destinations, installment processors or dispatch organizations. BoonLady doesn't permit connects to non-BoonLady sites or substance where different things are offered available to be purchased. BoonLady consistently audits joins on the site and claims all authority to hinder any connection thought about dangerous for our individuals. As a trader, if it's not too much trouble ensure that your posting follows joins strategy of BoonLady. On the off chance that it doesn't, it might be taken out, and you might be dependent upon a scope of different activities, including however not restricted to shortening your selling benefits and additionally suspension of your record, may likewise bring about a legitimate activity against you relying upon the seriousness of the offense.

BoonLady is focused on securing the licensed innovation privileges of outsiders and to giving a protected commercial center to exchange. Unapproved use or Infringement of copyrighted material and brand names are carefully restricted at 

BoonLady has zero capacity to bear any licensed innovation infringement. Fakes, unapproved imitations, unapproved things, (for example, fake watches, satchels, or different extras) or unapproved duplicates, (for example, duplicates of programming programs, computer games, music collections, films, TV projects, or photos) are not allowed at Unapproved duplicates incorporate (however are not restricted to) duplicates that are pilfered, copied, sponsored up or smuggled. It is unlawful to sell unapproved duplicates of media. 

On the off chance that the product(s) you are selling bears the name or logo of an organization, yet it wasn't made or embraced by that organization, don't show it at 

Scholarly programming is a product sold at essentially limited costs to understudies, employees and instructive establishments. Try not to list scholastic duplicates of programming at except if you are approved to do as such as an instructive affiliate, an instructive organization, an understudy or an employee. 

Beta programming, test programming and assessment programming are not allowed at Beta, test, and assessment duplicates of programming are primer duplicates of programming disseminated by programming designers carefully with the end goal of assessment and investigating. 

Try not to list "OEM" or "packaged" duplicates of programming at except if you are selling it with PC equipment. For Context, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or packaged programming, is programming that is acquired as a component of the acquisition of another PC. OEM programming licenses for the most part deny the buyer from exchanging the product without the PC or, sometimes, with no PC equipment. 

Contraband chronicles are unapproved accounts of shows or live exhibitions. Venders are not allowed to list contraband accounts at 

Infringement of this strategy may bring about a scope of activities, including: 

Item Listing undoing 

Cutoff points on account benefits 

Record suspension 

Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at

If it's not too much trouble note that trust is the most significant part of exchange among purchasers and merchants in commercial center and one of the key parts of trust is reasonable evaluating. For sound exchange stream at, we request that you value your things dependably. Kindly note that we are continually observing costs for every shipper at different channels and don't permit you to value your things at more exorbitant costs at versus different channels, for example, your own retail location, your own Website (assuming any) or some other outsider retail locations or Websites. You should value your things sold at to be same as the least rate you are selling at somewhere else or even lower yet it ought not be more. Infringement of our valuing strategy will result into notice sees and can likewise result into account suspension or potentially store suspension.

Kindly note the trust you work with your purchasers will disappear on the off chance that you falsely begin demonstrating higher MRP, so the selling value gives off an impression of being greatly improved arrangement versus what it really is. Falsely expanding MRP is carefully denied at and any infringement will result into account suspension. 

Dealers/vendors at are disallowed to take part in direct correspondence with purchasers for any pre-deal, request, installments, dispatching, post deal or returns related issues. Dealers are additionally not permitted to take part in immediate or aberrant advertising, correspondence with purchasers at For explicit item requests, guarantees, transporting/conveyance and so on., BoonLady can halfway the correspondence among purchaser and merchants. Nonetheless, venders/shippers ought not be occupied with correspondence with the purchasers. 

Infringement of strategy may bring about a scope of activities including: 

Item Listing crossing out 

Cutoff points on account benefits 

Record suspension 

Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at